Decorating our Christmas tree with Amara Living

My flatmate and I were so excited to get our Christmas tree up this year, it is our first year in a non student house and we couldn’t wait to make it look Christmassy!

We have a bit of a rustic/country looking interior in our house and this is something that is certainly reflected in our tree. We felt like the snow covered branches really fit in well with the overall theme of the house.

Amara has different themes when it comes to Christmas Decorations, ‘Hideaway’ ‘Kitchsmas’ ‘Winter Blush’ and ‘Midnight Jewel’. The theme that I thought went best with our snow covered tree was


, the decorations are rustic and handmade. Amara features tonnes of beautiful designers but is made easier to browse by organising them in to themes so that everything fits together nicely.

I absolutely love the decorations that I picked out, my personal favourite being the ones in the second picture, they’re so unique, some might say not that Christmassy but they are so eye catching hanging on our tree!

I will definitely be making more orders from Amara when it comes to household decorations as everything is absolutely beautiful.

Check out their website here for more.


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